Saturday, December 22, 2007

Honduras Kitchen, Long Beach

Honduras Kitchen
1909 E 4th St
Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 624-8849
Honduran food

Honduras Kitchen is located near Cherry Ave. on 4th St. in Long Beach. They have another location in Huntington Park. I don't remember seeing any parking lot for them, so you have to park on the street somewhere. The small street right next to them seems ghetto, so just be careful there. Actually, the whole area that surrounds the restaurant seems ghetto. If you are interested in coming here, make sure to bring cash because they don't take cards and I don't know if you want to walk to the nearby liquor store to get cash from their ATM.

Honduran food seems pretty similar to Mexican and Salvadoran food. I'm sure they have their differences, but I didn't see much. The prices here were I guess average or a little above average. We usually order the seafood dishes, so those are one of the most expensive. I believe the seafood dishes averaged about $10-$12 in price.

When we got there, the place was empty because the lady forgot to unlock the door and we had to call her to unlock it! We were the only ones eating there in that big place for a while. They hold night clubs there on some nights, so I think we were eating where the dance floor was supposed to be.

In the beginning after ordering our food, we got some chips with some cheese and red sauce on top. I really liked it. The sauce had a subtle taste and the cheese was tasty. I should have asked for more sauce but there were almost no chips left anyway.

Chips w/ cheese and some kinda red sauce

So we finally get our orders. My girlfriend ordered the fish with garlic sauce I think. She got it with the green plantains. Note: Don't order the green plantains unless you like banana chips with your meals. I prefer the yellow plantains-- which they also have-- which is what most caribbean places serve. The fish was bland so I wouldn't order that for myself. The sides were very good, but if you look at the pictures, they don't give you a lot of rice. I'm not on the Atkins Diet man!

Bland fish w/ garlic sauce and green plantains... no thanks

I ordered the fried shrimp which is cooked with batter. I really liked the shrimp, but as you can see, they didn't hook it up at all. How the hell am I supposed to be satisfied with 5 or 6 bites of shrimp? They really need to do something about some of their portions. But all that aside, I loved my dish because I got the yellow plantains and I finished the sides too. The salad and that purple stuff compliments the shrimp, rice, and plantains very nicely. It adds some juice to it. The only reason why I wouldn't order this is cuz of the weak portions.

skimped on the shrimp... but bom-b-z!

Would I go here again? Hmmm... I've thought about that for a little. Maybe. I need cash for sure. I need to bring my shitty van so I can park in the ghetto. I need to be fiending for plantains. I can't be too hungry. I need to bring my own rice (I wish). It's possible I might come here again. I mean it's possible for me to win the lotto.... well no, it wasn't that bad.

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Abad Padilla said...

My name is Abad Padilla I just want to say thanks to Honduras Kichen Restaurant to promote the food from my country
I have visited this place several times and there offer a good service and food it's very impotant to know as Honduras people we are We have a exotic place to visit and enjoy our food.

Abad Padilla