Thursday, December 20, 2007

Delhi Palace, La Puente

Delhi Palace
581 S Azusa Way
La Puente, CA 91744
(626) 964-0343
Type: Indian food

When I'm in Long Beach, I'll eat at Natraj. When I'm in Wesco, I eat at Delhi Palace. Delhi Palace is located near Jax Market (if it's still around) by Azusa and Hurley St. They just remodeled the place and they did a really nice job inside. Everything looks classier and it would be a good place to take a date if she doesn't care about how the outside looks. You also may smell like Indian food after.

Like Natraj, I usually eat at Delhi Palace during their lunch buffet. I think it's from 11am til about 2pm. The cost is less than $10 per person. I think they generally serve the same stuff everyday, but I don't eat it everyday so it's all good. My favorite is the spinach and the garlic naan.

Basmati rice, spinach, potatoes, and some good stew-ish thing

Garlic naan son

My girlfriend gets the chicken dishes, but she also loves the vegetarian entrees...

Whenever I get the craving for Indian food and I'm in the West Covina area, you know where I'll be at for an hour or so.

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