Sunday, December 30, 2007

Fusion Sushi, Long Beach

Fusion Sushi
6415 E. Spring Street
Long Beach, CA 90808
Phone: 562.489.8818
Type: Japanese food / sushi

I'm guessing this place is pretty new because I had a hard time finding the info for this place on the internet. I found out about Fusion Sushi in Long Beach's local magazine "District." I love that magazine cuz it's free and they always have coupons for the local restaurants. Anyways, they had a small ad in there that said something like "L.A. Times voted it best sushi in the city." They had a coupon for a free appetizer if you order $30 or more. When my girlfriend and I get sushi, we always end up spending more than $30 for sure, so we had to utilize that coupon.

Let's see now.... I'm trying to remember what was good and what was okay. I know the miso soup was good. I liked the salad. Oh yeah, one main thing I remember is that their baked lobster rolls are real good and the price for it was one of the cheapest I've seen. I'll go back just for those! Their dynamite appetizer was "ehh." It's full of vegetables and it just wasn't what I was expecting. I wouldn't order it again.

"Ehh" Dynamite... at least it was free

We also got the rainbow roll and I forgot what that one other roll was. I think it was expensive and it wasn't that great. The rainbow was okay.

Rainbow roll and some expensive roll I wouldn't get again

good salad and good miso soup

I forgot that we ordered some actual sushi. I liked it, but my girlfriend told me later that it didn't seem fresh. I don't know nothin about that.

Baked lobster roll and sushi

Even though it wasn't the best-- or even top 5 sushi/roll meals I've had, I'd definitely go back to Fusion Sushi. They have so many other things to try. If you can't decide what to get, just get an order or two of the baked lobster rolls.

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