Monday, December 3, 2007

Favori Restaurant, Santa Ana

Favori Restaurant
3502 W 1ST St
Santa Ana, CA 92703-3302
Phone: (714) 531-6838
Type: Vietnamese food / French food

Wanna impress your date? Does your date have an open mind when it comes to food? Got 50 to 70 bucks to spend on a meal? Then Favori in Santa Ana might score you some points-- *wink* *wink*.

My date took me here, and you better believe she got lucky (or unlucky) that night. Heheheh. Favori is a French-Vietnamese restaurant that's received great reviews from many critics. The atmosphere is romantic-- I guess, because of the darker atmosphere. When you come here, expect to be smelling like fish sauce by the time you leave, so come prepared if you're going out after. This place is known for their baked catfish. It gets pretty pricey too. The smallest catfish can feed from 2-4 people depending on your appetites, and it cost $35 I think. The baked catfish comes seasoned with a crispy skin. You're supposed to take some of the rice paper which you're supposed to dip in the water to soften it up. Then you take some of the lettuce and other veggies and combine it with pieces of fish on top of the rice paper. Then you roll it all up and choose one of two dipping sauces. Those are what makes the place smell. But despite that, both of the dipping sauces are bomb, and I alternated between the two.

Baked Catfish

We also ordered the calamari, which is different from most calamari, but it was really good. I'd say it's one of my top 5 calamaris that I've tried.


Obviously I love this place. If it weren't for the price, I'd be here maybe once a month. But alas, fate has me broke and starving. Luckily, my girlfriend loves french fries.

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Mimi said...

definitely bring an extra shirt and leave it in the car. bring some cologne while you at it. good food comes at a cost. but so worth it. i'm glad you loved it!