Saturday, August 23, 2008

Myung Dong Tofu House - West Covina

Myung Dong Tofu House
1025 S Glendora Ave
West Covina, CA 91790
(626) 338-0414
Type: tofu / Korean food

Soon after Yogurt Space, we hit up some new tofu restaurant in the same plaza. It's called Myung Dong. Now I could easily turn that name into something inappropriate, but my young dong is bigger than that.

We went on a Sunday night just an hour or so before they were closing. There wasn't much else to eat at that time, especially tofu spots near my house. So no matter what was on the menu, we were eating there. Nothing fancy or unique about the place (not that I care-- as long as the food is good). So anyways, the tofu soups here are $8.99. About standard price I guess. It's been a while since I've been to a tofu house. I got the the seafood tofu soup. My girl got the shrimp and scallop + tofu combo ($13.99).

So the first question I would ask anybody who went to a tofu spot is, "How was the sides?" If you don't know already, you usually get free side dishes when you eat at Korean places. I think it's called banchan. (This might be the last time I explain this) For me, I have two or three different restaurants I compare other tofu spots to. On the upper end of the spectrum is Jeun Tong in West Covina, and Tofu Village in Garden Grove. They have consistently the best sides and the tofu is always good. On the lower end of the spectrum for me would be BCD. I'd say their sides are the wackest, but maybe that's cuz we only go there late night. I don't know if they serve better stuff during the day. Myung Dong's sides are just a little bit higher than BCD's. Not a good sign.

2nd rate sides

I've said before that it's hard to eff up on your tofu soups. Most places I've been to are pretty consistent. Even BCD's is okay for me. Myung Dong.... you gotta step up your game. The soup was noticeably lacking in taste. Of course I still finished it though. I was hungry.

looks good doesn't it..... wasn't

The shrimp and scallop also looked better than it tasted. They only gave 2 scallops. The sauce it came with was eh-- that I remember.

I probably wouldn't go here again on my own will. But I don't know anybody else that really eats tofu soup as much as us. Maybe we'll go here on a Sunday night if we're too lazy to drive anywhere else and we're fiending for tofu.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Yogurt Space

Yogurt Space
993 S Glendora Ave
West Covina, CA 91790
(626) 338-1578
Type: yogurt bar / dessert

Damn. I'm so behind on my reviews! I went to this place in March. Who knows if this place is still open? Nah. I think it is. It was decently busy when I went.

So Yogurt Space is pretty much like Yogurtland. I smell some biters! It's located in the Hong Kong plaza where Krua Thai and World Buffet is. The decorations inside is nothing different from other young/hip/teeny bopper places. If you've been to Yogurtland, you'll notice that it's the same self-serve style. There's not as many options for yogurt as Yogurtland, and I'm not sure how their toppings compare, but just as long as they had mochi balls, I was happy. You can bring your laptop here and connect to wi-fi. I don't know if they charge though.

teeny boppers welcome...

I don't remember what I got on mine. I think I may have mixed one or three different yogurts, then topped it with some Cap N' Crunch cereal, some kiwis, maybe some strawberries, and of course mochi balls. I don't know what my girl or my cousin got. I paid for all three cups and the total went to $14.92. So about 5 bucks a cup. I'll tell you a secret. If you want a lot of toppings, don't put a lot of yogurt. If you put a lot of yogurt, there's no space for the toppings. I usually fill up my cup about 2/3 of yogurt, then pile on the toppings.

Because Yogurt Space is so close compared to the 10 or so miles to the nearest Yogurtland, I'll go back here. The yogurt was good. They got mochi balls. It's all good.