Thursday, December 27, 2007

House of Louie, West Covina

House of Louie
124 N Grand Ave
West Covina, CA 91791
(626) 339-7374
Type: Chinese food / dim sum
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When I was a kid, the fried shrimp balls at House of Louie were my favorite in the whole wide world. They're a little crispy/crunchy on the outside, and light and tasty on the inside. They used to cost about $4.25 for 4 individual pieces, but I think the price went up a little since then. Now that I'm older, and had my share of them, I've grown pretty tired of it. It still tastes good, but I'd rather have a dozen other appetizers instead of the shrimp balls.

My former love...

I don't really go to much dim sum places so I can't say if House of Louie is good or not. I read a few reviews about this place on the internet, and supposedly it's just an average place. I think if you're into Chinese food, you wouldn't be too disappointed here. This place has been around for a good while, so there should be a reason why. Some guy said not to come here for dinner, but come for the dim sum, which is served around lunch time.

sum dim sum dishes

Would I go here again? Since I would only eat seafood, I wouldn't really want to go back just for the dim sum. I still have yet to try their regular menu items. So I'll come back here, but I have to be really fiending for some Chinese-- cuz I'm not much into Chinese food that much.

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