Monday, December 24, 2007

Maxim Cafe, Rowland Heights

Maxim Cafe
18904 Gale Ave
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
(626) 913-7777
Type: Chinese food

Maxim Cafe's been around for a bit. It's located across the street from the 99 Ranch Market near the 60 freeway and Nogales. It's in the same plaza as Burger King.

I went here because I was fiending for some porridge. I remember that Maxim had some and it was late at night, so that was one of the places I know was open. I ordered their fish porridge was great in three ways: 1) it tastes good with soy sauce, 2) they give you a big portion, and 3) it's cheap! What more can you ask for?! The fish porridge was about $5 I think. Most of their meals are cheap.

look how much porridge you get for 5 bucks!

My girlfriend used to go here too, so she said to order the calamari. I was down with it, and I'm glad she told me to get it. The calamari tastes like their's MSG in it, but I don't care at all. That's what makes it taste great! They also gave a good amount for this dish.

MSG(?) calamari

The other dish my girl got was this Hong Kong noodle or something. It has like a curry taste to it. Wasn't feelin it. Although they gave a lot, it was just too dry for me. I for surely wouldn't get that dish again.

chow fun Singapore style noodles

I will definitely come back to Maxim. They're open pretty late-- between 1am - 2am. They got good food, good portions, and good prices! That adds up to a great place to eat in my blog.

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