Saturday, December 29, 2007

George's Thai Bistro, Santa Ana

George's Thai Bistro
3732 S Bristol St
Santa Ana, CA 92704
Phone: (714) 979-8366
Type: Thai food

I came upon George's Thai Bistro after a long day of snowboard shopping. Just from driving around, my girlfriend and I couldn't find any other place around the area that was open. It wasn't that late though. This place is located down the street from the South Coast Plaza hidden in some shopping plaza with a grocery store (maybe Vons) and an ice cream shop.

To be brief, the food was okay, the prices were kinda high, and the portions pretty much sucked. I mean $10 for a scoop of crab fried rice that wasn't even "to die for!" If I can recall, we ordered steamed rice cuz there was so little of it. I think the pompano was pretty good cuz it was crispy, but look how small that was. I forgot how much that cost, but it cost more than the rice.


crab fried rice mole hill

This place received a mix bag of reviews at the AOL Citysearch website-- from shitty as hell, to "Best authentic Thai food in town!." Two reviewers say the owner (George) argues with the customers. I don't remember the service being horrible, just the price to quantity to quality ratio was. So it all comes down to would I go here again? If you read the whole review, you know the answer. It's a definite "NO." Portions and price are the deciding factors for this bad review. Plus, I don't even live around here. The only time I'll eat here again is if they'll give the meal on the house to redeem themselves, and I have to be in the area for some other reason. Hit me up Georgie boy.

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