Sunday, December 23, 2007

Joe's Sushi, Lakewood

Joe's Sushi
5607 South St
Lakewood, CA 90713
(562) 804-2091
Type: Japanese food / Sushi

I've heard of Joe's Sushi before from my girlfriend. She said she ate there before. When we tried looking for it online, we were having trouble. Their website only mentions their Riverside location-- not the Lakewood one. Luckily her friends knew where it was and we went for one of their birthdays.

I believe this place is known for their all-you-can-eat sushi/rolls deal during dinner time. It cost about $25 or less for each person. This includes a healthy amount of sushi, special rolls, and appetizers. I loved the baked mussels and their dynamite. I don't remember what rolls we ordered because there was so many, but I know I liked pretty much every single one. The manager was really nice to us and so were the sushi chefs.

looks like rainbow rolls on the right

Maybe calamari roll?

Bomb dynamite

Lobster roll?

I would definitely come back here soon. I would recommend getting the all-you-can-eat deal to get your money's worth. I would also suggest you come with a few friends so you can try different things. Damn, I wanna go back here again!


Marisol said...

IT's Oragasmic!
Gosh, Is that even a word? Lol =)

Jim said...

it indeed is. I'm gonna check out the Joe's Sushi in La Habra soon.