Sunday, February 10, 2008

Colima Burger - Walnut

Colima Burger
19811 Colima Rd. Suite #520
Walnut, CA 91789
Type: Burger joint

I went to this place cuz my friend was craving some burgers. It's like your typical local burger joint like Nogales Burger, but cleaner looking. I got a fish sandwich ($4.19). I think that costs way too much. The sandwich wasn't huge and it wasn't that great. I finished it though, cuz you better be a pretty horrible fish sandwich for me not to finish. We also got fries ($1.50) cuz I knew I wasn't gonna get full from my sandwich. I don't know why, but I just don't like steak fries much. You know the fat fries they always serve at these burger joints.

fish sandwich. needs more fish. needs more everything.

My friend got the Colima Burger Special which cost about $5. I think it came with jalapenos or some kind of peppers or chili. He said it was good, but as he was nearing his last bites, he couldn't stand too much of it anymore. He also said it was super greasy, but he's always like that. If I ate it, I probably wouldn't have thought so. There's people who always complain about the grease, and there's people who just don't notice or don't give a s#!t. He's the former, I'm the latter.

Colima Burger Special

For me, nothing special about the place. For people who eat meat, maybe it'll fulfill your greasy burger cravings.

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