Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sushi Zone - Mission Viejo

Sushi Zone
28251 Marguerite Pkwy
Mission Viejo, CA 92692
(949) 364-2878

I ate all the way in Mission Viejo cuz I picked up a good friend from The Bay, who was staying with her cousin. We got in the area pretty late (late being 8 or 9 at night) and we tried going to Rockin Sushi which is like Chomp in Fullerton, but the wait was too long. Time was running out and we needed to find a sushi place fast. We used the good ol' navigation in the car, and it brought us to this place.

The place closed at 10pm that day, so we had about an hour or less to eat. Upon browsing the menu, I noticed that their items and the way they were presented was very similar to that of Niko Niko. Their rolls are similar and the names were changed just a little bit. I don't know if Niko Niko owns this place, or if this place just straight up bit their style. Oh well, I think Niko Niko's pretty good, so I wasn't sad.

One of the first thing's we ordered was the stuffed tomato appetizer ($7.00). It's just raw scallops with some sauce wrapped in raw tuna. That was actually pretty good. I would get that again. Bad thing is it only comes with two pieces.

stuffed "tomato"

Another appetizer we got was the baked dynamite ($7.50). For those that don't know, dynamite usually a bunch of seafood and mushrooms and onions all mixed together in a special sauce. I like Niko Niko's dynamite, so I decided to give this one a try. Very big mistake. At first, it looked and smelled good, so I couldn't wait to dig in. Good Lord! That thing was tangy. I hate tangy when it shouldn't be tangy. And this was tangy. After a few bites I didn't want anymore and nobody else did either. I thought it would go good with other rolls.... nope. It just messed up the taste of whatever else I ate. But, I hate to waste food, so I eventually finished it-- literally dreading each bite.

baked dyna-mite not ever, ever order this again!

Next up... The Snow Heaven Roll ($10.50). I believe it's albacore lobster-- whatever that is, with creamy sauce on top. The main roll is I'm guessing California. Anyways, it's just like the Niko Niko Snow Cone Roll except Niko Niko's tastes better. This one was just lacking in quality and umph and kick. It was kind of bland in a way.

Snow Heaven Roll can go to he...... just kidding.

The ultra sushi combo ($14.95) came last. Whatever you see on the plate below is what it comes with. We didn't want shrimp sushi so we paid a dollar extra for 2 more pieces of salmon for a grand total of 4. It also comes with 2 pieces each of tuna, albacore and yellowtail. I don't remember much from the sushi, but I think it was just okay. Not bad for me. My girl is a little more picky. There's also 4 pieces of California roll and 4 pieces of Crunchy Roll. The Crunchy Roll was cool. I was gonna order some more if I wasn't full.

Ultra Sushi Combo... good bargain I'd say

Ah... Mission Viejo. I wish you had more late night sushi restaurants open. Or somebody at least fill me in on a good spot just in case I'm back down there. Sushi Zone had its highs and lows. I'd go back, but I'd rather see what else is around town before I eat there again.

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