Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yogurtland - Irive

14775 Jeffrey Rd
Irvine, CA 92618
(949) 857-0884
Type: Yogurt / dessert

"Don't believe the hype!!" were the words of Public Enemy in one of their famous songs. I'm sure everybody's experienced or have themselves, been caught up in the hype. From Furbies, to The Da Vinci Code movie, to all-over printed hoodies. We bought into these things only to be let down in the end. What the hell did you expect from a half-rodent, half-bird stuffed animal?

Til this day until the end of capitalism, we'll be bombarded by hype. So this particular day was no different. I had dinner with my girlfriend and her sisters one night. Her sister had a place in Irvine with her husband. After dinner, one of my girl's sisters said, "Let's go to Yogurtland! It's so bomb!" Something like that. She was so excited and she kept saying it's so good and this and that. *sigh* This reminds me of the Pinkberry revolution, and everybody just had to have it. I've only been to Pinkberry's once or twice at the most-- and that's on purpose. I didn't see what the big deal was. Oh well. Jump in the car.

This is the sight we saw when we pulled up in the parking lot. The dark blue sign all the way on the left is Yogurtland, and the people you see hanging out, are in line.

What the?! Yogurtland must've recruited an army of hype beasts just like my girl's sis cuz the line was ridiculous. This place didn't just open in the last month neither. I think it opened last May in 2007. The interior design is I guess what you call modern. It's very bright and similar to that of Pinkberry but I don't think there were all those toys on the shelves. So after waiting in line for maybe 15 minutes or so, we get to the back of the place where you grab a cup for your yogurt. This place is a self-serve yogurt joint where you can mix and match different flavors from vanilla, to Kahlua, to mango, to blueberry tart. I got mango, cheesecake, and strawberry with cookies n' cream. You can also put your own ingredients on top. To top it off I put bananas, strawberries, cheesecake, cookie dough, graham crackers, kiwis, and mochi balls. For me personally, I could just put the basic bananas, strawberries and lots and lots of mochi balls and I'll be fine. After loading up on all your necessities, you put your cup on a scale where they weigh it and figure out how much you owe. The going rate is 30 cents an ounce. My girl's brother-in-law paid, so thank you again Tamer. The other times I've been here, I usually end up paying 5 something, so that comes out to about a pound of sweetness.

Okay, so I like the control thing and not leaving it up to "The Man" to decide how much toppings I get. After passing through the still-growing line, we stand outside for a quick second for our first bite. Hmm. Not bad. Another bite. Not bad. After getting everything mixed together, the bites were actually getting to pretty good status. By the time we got back home, my girl's sis and her husband had already finished their cups. Dang.

a cup of pretty good hype

I eventually finished mine and was like, "Wow. That wasn't too bad." My girl liked it as well, but she had to freeze some leftovers.

So in the end, did Yogurtland live up to the hype? For the most part, yes. I say "for the most part," because it's not super super great. Some of my friends were just whatevers to it. It's good. Good enough that I went to the one in Fullerton twice ever since. It's not great for everybody, and so I won't hype it up for you, my lovely reader. If you have a sweet tooth, then go ahead and feel free to believe some of the hype.

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