Monday, February 11, 2008

Ruby's Crystal Cove Shake Shack - Newport Beach

Ruby's Crystal Cove Shake Shack
7703 E. Coast Hwy.
Newport Coast, CA 92657
P: 949.464.0100
F: 949.464.0113
Type: Sandwiches / shakes / snacks

I was hanging out in Newport Coast for a couple weeks recently so some of my future reviews will be in the OC. The first place is the Ruby's Crystal Cove Shake Shack right off PCH in Crystal Cove. We went there just to get a real quick bite to eat. Every time I drove on PCH to Laguna Beach, I'd see that place, so I decided to finally try it.

Ruby's Shake Shack used to be just called the Shake Shack, til Ruby's took over. It's a really small shack (hence the name) overlooking the Pacific Ocean on a small cliff. There's a cool little dining area where you can sit and enjoy the view. 2 reason why we didn't eat there was 1) it was real cold and windy, and 2) there was some funky smell there we couldn't figure out.

I've never been to a regular Ruby's, so I don't know if what they served here was the same exact menu at their other locations. It's mostly just basic stuff like-- I don't remember. I'm sure they had fries and sandwiches (durr) though. Since it was cold, what better way to balance the temperature with a nice shake or malt ($4.29). For the shakes/malts, you're allowed 2 ingredients to mix in the drink. We got the cookie dough and oreo. It was like any other mediocre shake I've had.

shake dude.

I decided to get the clam chowder cuz I love clam chowder. I didn't take a great pic of it, but it was pretty small. For $3.99 I would've hoped for something more, but it was okay. I was complaining about the size most of the time, but in the end, I still wanted more.

clam chowda

I haven't tried anything else from this place, but I'm assuming you don't come to this exact location for a gourmet meal. I wouldn't call 4 dollars for a small cup of chowder a bargain either. What you do come here for, is a place to eat a quick meal, sit down, relax, hang out, enjoy the breeze (hopefully the smell won't be there), and take in the million dollar view.

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Anonymous said...

The Shake Shack has been there since 1946. It is a regular spot for my family and I or a small group of hiker friends to stop after hiking Crystal Cove morro side. The Ruby's shakes are good but they taste great after a 10 mile hike. I recommend both the hike and the Shake Shack.