Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lucky Chances - Colma

Lucky Chances Casino - Colma Cafe?
1700 Hillside Blvd
Colma, CA 94014
(650) 758-2237

I ate here with my family on my last day of the Nor Cal trip. I thought West Covina had a lot of Filipinos. But Daly City and its surrounding cities may have So Cal beat. Where else are you gonna find a casino 10 minutes away with literally all the waitresses in the cafe being Filipino? ...other than the Philippines smart-ass.

We tried going here late at night before, but it was just too packed from clubbers and hungry gamblers. The place kind of smells funny. I think a lot of the gamblers in there haven't gone home to shower in a couple days. Makes you wanna eat doesn't it?

Actually, the food was not that bad for me. I read a lot of other people's reviews on Yelp and some said it's nasty. I didn't have complaints and neither did my family. My family who we visited go here late at night many times.

The menu here is mostly Filipino with a little bit of Chinese, American, and maybe Italian. Since it was breakfast time, most of us got breakfast dishes. We ordered the fish combo, kare kare (pronounced exactly as it's spelled) a kind of curry, tocino (pork), calamari, and other Filipino breakfast plates.

Fish w/ eggs and rice

kare kare


looks like tapa (beef)

The calamari was actually pretty good. I kept taking little pieces while I ate my own meal.


I really liked my meal. I got the peppered salt and spicy fish. It comes with some breaded fish and rice. It's really simple but the fish was really good. I think I ate it with some fish sauce which made it even saltier, but better.

peppered salt and spicy fish

All the meals cost about $7 - $9 so it's not exactly the cheapest Filipino food you can get. If I lived around here, I'd definitely make this place one of my regular late night spots.

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