Friday, February 22, 2008

Mochilato - Irvine

Ste E
14310 Culver Dr, Irvine, CA 92604
(949) 559-1116
Type: dessert shop

Still been hangin out in Orange County, and this is new territory still when it comes to food. My guide: Elmomonster's Monster Munching blog. This is the place I always look first when I want to find a good place to eat in Irvine or nearby areas. At the time, I was getting some sweet cravings. I read about his blog about Mochilato in Irvine. The pictures he took convinced me to go.

I wanted to get the contraption that Elmomonster did not recommend. "The shop called it the 'Mochilato Way' ($5.95). I just called it 'Blech!'," were his exact words. I asked for that, but since we got there about 5 minutes before closing time, they said they didn't serve it anymore. Damn.

I had to settle for the mochilato ($1.25 each), which is pretty much the same as mochi ice cream you can buy at certain grocery stores. They have a bunch of flavors instead of your regular strawberry, green tea, mango, etc.-- but they have those as well. We got one each of the tiramisu, cookies n' cream, peaches n' cream, strawberry, and I think mango. To say the least, I was disappointed. I don't know if it was just us two (me and my girlfriend), but I didn't like the "weird" flavors." The tiramisu tasted like rum. The peaches n' cream tasted like gummy peach rings which I'm not a fan of. The cookies n' cream was okay. So was the strawberry and mango. I guess I was expecting more from them since the place was named after these little guys.

taste the mochi rainbow... but don't go overboard

I'm down to still go here again. I'm just making sure I'm getting that Mochilato Way just to see if my tastes differ from Elmomonster's. If I can't have this for some reason, I'm sticking to the basics of strawberry, mango, probably vanilla if they have it. I heard their shave ice is good too.

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