Sunday, February 10, 2008

Todai - Daly City

1901 Junipero Serra Blvd # A
Daly City, CA 94014
(650) 997-0882
Type: Japanese food / buffet / sushi

I go all the way up north to the Bay Area-- known for it's diverse culture and restaurants, and I eat at this place. Todai. Not only can I eat at this place down here, but I heard so many people hate this place. I've eaten here before when I was younger, and I also didn't have such a great time. The reason we went here was cuz I wanted Japanese food, but we were real hungry and my mom had a gift card to this place. F*#k it. Let's go.

For those that don't know, Todai is a Japanese buffet serving various sushi, sushi rolls, and regular Japanese cuisine. I don't remember exactly how much it was for each adult, but I'm guessing more than $15 for lunch on the weekends.

After getting our seat, I head over to the sushi bar cuz I'm a sushi master now. haha. I was actually surprised at the amount of stuff they had. I got salmon sushi, some regular California rolls, tempura rolls with the sweet eel sauce on top, deep fried rolls, poke salad which is raw tuna with other stuff, and some miso soup. It was actually not that bad. *gasp!* Yeah I said it. It-was-not-that-bad. (please don't stop reading my blog) :)

stuff from the sushi bar

My next plate I decided to head over to the regular food. Horrible. The choices they had sucked so bad. Even everybody else in my family thought so. All I got was some fried rice, deep fried shrimp, tempura shrimp, and I don't know what those other things are. Wackness son.

unmemorable plate...

My third plate was more sushi, but I got tired of it too.

Todai. Todai. Todai. What am I gonna do with you? I probably won't see you again unless it's free or a birthday or something (I need to make a word for this kind of restaurant). Sorry. Your sushi was cool at first, but I'd rather pay more for a real all-you-can-eat sushi bar. My bad.

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