Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mae's Cafe - Garden Grove

Mae's Cafe
9062 Trask Ave
Garden Grove, CA92844
(714) 898-7044
Type: American diner / restaurant

My girl's been telling me to try this place out cuz we always see it on the way to Tofu Village. The thing that caught our attention was that it's open 24 hours. We also read some reviews saying it's the best in its kind around the area. We'll see...

Mae's is pretty much like any other American Diner. What I noticed was the prices for most of the things on their menu are in the decent range-- meaning cheap-- meaning less than $8. If you're vegetarian or pescatarian (eats seafood but not meat), this place won't give you too many options. Since I already ate fish that day, I had to settle for the regular french toast ($4.25) and 2 eggs ($2). Nothing special. Just like any other french toast and egg meal I've eaten.

French Toast


My girlfriend got the Louisiana hot links ($6.50). That thing looked hearty. It came with some hot links, hash browns, eggs, and country gravy.. All that for less than $7? Not bad. She thought it was okay, but she doesn't wanna go back here. She'd rather go to Harbor House in Sunset Beach.

Louisiana hot links meal

....with gravy

We also got the fried zucchini ($5.95) because I knew I wasn't gonna get full just from french toast and eggs. Those were good.

fried zucchini

Unfortunately, I won't be ordering any of the stuff I mentioned above. Mae's is decent, but I've had better-- and since I'm not gonna be in that area as much, the chances of going there are pretty slim. But if you live around the area and you want a late night bite to eat, by all means...

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