Friday, January 18, 2008

Sushi Roku - Santa Monica

Sushi Roku
1401 Ocean Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 458-4771
Type: Japanese food / sushi / restaurant
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So it was my girl and I's 1 year anniversary on New Years' Day. Thanks for the best year of my life honey ;) We had to figure out what we wanted first, and then find out if it was open. What do the both of us love to eat almost any time of the day? Sushi and sushi rolls of course. So we Googled what was the best sushi place around. Pasadena had a few. L.A. had a few. And Santa Monica had a few. After literally about an hour or more of deciding we came to the conclusion that Sushi Roku in Santa Monica was the one. I think it was rated one of the top ten on AOL's Citysearch so we weren't too worried. The people who own Sushi Roku also own other upscale restaurants as Katana, Boa, and Robota Bar.

We didn't make reservations so we had to wait about 15-20 minutes for a table. The place is dark inside so I'm sorry for the horrible pictures. I don't like turning the flash on at restaurants. The items here are the most expensive I've seen so far, but it was for a special occasion. This place doesn't have many of the special baked rolls that I really like, so I had to force myself to eat more of the raw stuff..... and I'm glad I did.

The Chef's Sashimi Plate ($20.00) was very good. It was a small amount of the basic sashimi, but it came with 4 different sauces for you to dip with. Man that was real tasty.

Chef's Sashimi Plate... the bombest sashimi I've had

We got salmon sushi ($5.50) which was good. I ordered miso soup ($4.00) which sucked for the price. It should've come free with all the money you're spending. The toro and jalapeno roll (about $9?) was cool. I don't remember that too much.

Toro and Jalapeno Roll?

We also got the baked lobster roll ($19.00) which I also don't remember too much about. The katana roll ($17.00) was good though.

Katana or Baked Lobster roll?

I think this might be the Katana Roll

The crab dynamite had to be the most expensive appetizer I've eaten at $24.00. It was good and my girlfriend liked it alot. It had a distinctive taste.

This appetizer costs more than many meals (for two) I've eaten

So we drove all the way to Santa Monica from West Covina just to eat. It was late already by the time we were done and everything was closed. Was it worth the drive? I had no complaints. I really liked the sushi at Sushi Roku. I wouldn't come here expecting to get rolls unless you like the basic stuff mostly. The sashimi is where it's at here. After eating at this place, I've been ordering sushi more often. Too bad nothing has come close to it yet, but I'm not a picky sushi eater. I'd come here again, but not any time soon. The total bill for this place was $123 including tax and tip so for sure I can't come here yet. Gotta work overtime now.