Friday, January 4, 2008

Red Lobster - Rowland Heights

Red Lobster
17601 Castleton St.
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
(626) 965-5112
Type: Seafood restaurant

When I was really young, I thought going to Red Lobster was for really rich people or for very special occasions. 20 or so years later, I find myself eating here-- paying for my own bill. Am I super rich now? Yeah right? Was it a special occasion? Every meal with my girl is a special occasion! heheh.

The real reason we came here was because the season for white elephants and gift cards just passed. I received a $25 gift card to this place so of course I had to put it to use the next day. We got there in the afternoon around maybe 4. The place wasn't packed at all, but there were spots of customers here and there.

Main thing I love about Red Lobster-- the biscuits. They're pretty plain, but they're just so good when they're hot. Plus, it's free, and you can keep ordering more and more.

FREE biscuits!

We ordered mostly appetizers: We got the "create your own appetizer" which consisted of calamari and stuffed mushrooms. The calamari was cool. It came with breaded broccoli. The mushrooms were cool, but they looked a hundred times better on the menu. I hate when that happens. That little combo cost $9.50. We also ordered the lobster and seafood artichoke dip ($8.99). I liked it, but I've had better. The jumbo shrimp cocktail( $7.99) was good. It's ridiculous how you only get so many shrimps and it cost so much. I know that's how it is at most places. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

calamari & stuffed mushrooms

lobster and seafood artichoke dip

jumbo shrimp cocktail... good but not enough

I needed some kind of soup to wash all the appetizers down. The lobster bisque ($5.50 for a small bowl) was okay. Very small for the price.

lobster bisque soup

The only regular meal we got was the crunchy fried fish sandwich ($7.50). It sounded good while ordering, but after the appetizers and bisquits, it was pretty wack. I think it tasted better as a leftover a few hours later.

crunchy fried fish sandwich... better as leftovers

All those appetizers and biscuits, you better believe we were full. I should've eaten more biscuits so I would have more leftovers for a complete second meal, but the calamari was pretty good. Would I go here again? Umm...... I probably would if I had to for somebody's birthday or something. I wouldn't choose to go here for the hell of it though. Give me another gift card though, and I'll be there. I'll even offer to drive.

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