Friday, January 18, 2008

Benihana - Anaheim

2100 E Ball Rd
Anaheim, CA 92806
(714) 774-4940
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I went to Benihana in Anaheim a couple weeks ago for a friend's birthday. When I found out we were going there, I already knew we were gonna spend some dough.

When we got there at night, there was already a line to get seated. My friends and I lagged as usual, but luckily my other friends were on time and were already seated. My past few experiences with Benihana and other teppan-style places were mediocre. My philosophy for these places are you pay for the show, and not necessarily the food. Was this time gonna prove me wrong? We'll see....

To start off, you get free soup. I don't know what it was, but it was good.

free soup

After ordering our food, we decided to start with some rolls. We got the Alaskan roll ($10.50) which was surprisingly good. The last time I had rolls here, I wasn't very happy.

Alaskan roll (topped with raw salmon)

I got a piece of my friend's tempura or crunchy roll. That was good, but maybe it was cuz I was hungry.

Tempura or Crunchy roll

When the chef arrived, that's when the show starts. They usually do the same tricks with a little variation. I'm not gonna say what they do just in case you haven't been there. It's pretty cool to see it at least once. So after the show, the chef puts your order on your plate and you eat!

I got the hibachi shrimp dinner ($22.00). It's definitely not worth the price, but it was okay. I liked the rice.

Hibachi Shrimp

My friend got the hibachi tuna steak (also $22.00). I definitely wouldn't get that one. It's supposed to be seared tuna, but it was fully cooked and dry. No thanks. I felt sorry for him.

Dry hibachi tuna steak

My other friend got the filet mignon dinner ($23.00). A few of my friends got that and they liked it. I couldn't tell you how it tasted, but I guess it was pretty good.

Filet Mignon

So what did I think after this experience? I still have the same attitude towards these places. You pay for the show, and not really the food. The sushi rolls were decent though. Would I go back? If there's another birthday party to attend.


bree said...

I'm going to LA in September and was wondering if you could recommend /any/ Teppan places out there.Ive never been out there before so I wouldnt know.

Thanks a bunch ahead of time. I really appreciate it.

Jim said...

oh man. I don't really know too many teppan places. My experience has shown me that you pay for the show and not really the food. The food from teppan places I've been to have been mediocre, so I wouldn't really go there for the food. The routines are pretty much the same for me as well. I figure once you seen it, you've seen all (or most).

bree said...

Hmm. See i'm afraid of, around here, Ive been to a few (Im in Northeastern Ohio), one of them completely sucked. Like the steak had no flavoring and the atmosphere was very. not anything much. One was mediocre. And another was excellent.. for my tastes. I mean, Im not well on food but it was delicious all the times Ive went.

But yeah. Im afraid that by mediocre you may mean the one that was horrible out here. But, your standards for food may be higher than mine so it could possibly be better, as well.
... lol

I have nothing to go on.

But yeah, my boyfriend lives out there and has never been to a teppan place so I was wondering anywhere to go. So I'm not sure at all where to take him.

Jim said...

well, if you really have to take him somewhere, maybe Benihana is as good a choice as any. It's a chain though. If you're okay with that. But there's always pictures of celebrities visiting these places, so maybe you'll get lucky and see one! Let me know which one you decide on, and how it went. Good luck!