Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy Family - Rowland Heights

Happy Family Vegetarian Cuisine
18425 E. Colima Rd., 2nd Floor
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
Tel: (626) 965-9923
Fax: (626) 965-9953
Type: Asian / Vegetarian / restaurant / food

located on the 2nd floor of the building

If you're vegetarian, and you live in the San Gabriel Valley, I hope you already know about Happy Family in Rowland Heights. If not, you'll thank me after you actually go and sit down and eat there. My friends told me about this place years ago, and now I'm passing it on to you guys.

Happy Family is located on the 2nd floor of some shopping plaza on Colima and Batson Ave. Sorry, I don't know the name of the plaza, but there's a Little Bean store in the same vicinity. It's a vegetarian restaurant with mostly Chinese dishes. They have plenty of imitation meat and seafood. They have lunch specials for nice prices for a vegetarian place.

When I went there, we ordered the Vege Deep Fry House Chicken ($5.25) lunch special. I always love ordering that cuz they give a good amount of the "chicken." I usually have leftovers-- and not cuz it's nasty.

vege deep fry house chicken lunch special

I think when you order the lunch specials, or maybe even if you order anything when you sit in the restuarant, they give you free soup. Can't complain about that.

free soup

We also ordered the hand roll ($1.75 each) just to try it. It's good and cheap enough for me to get the next time I come here.

Hand Roll

The Mongolian Beef was a little pricey at $8.95. The good thing was like every order here is that they gave a lot. Enough for two meals or more. I can't find the picture of that, but it looks like any other veggie meat. That was good as well. We had leftovers and my brother killed it when I got home. He said it was good.

Finally, another dish I like ordering here is the deep fried oyster mushroom ($8 something). I think they put MSG, but I don't give a dayum! Some parts are a little crispy, but I can't explain it. It's good though.

deep fried oyster mushroom

I recommend this place even if you're not vegetarian. I think a lot of people go here who aren't vegetarian cuz it's obviously bomb. There's a bunch of stuff to pick from the menu. I can't guarantee you're gonna order something great, but I know my batting average has been pretty good here.

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