Monday, March 17, 2008

Yotopia - Costa Mesa

3033 Bristol Ste R.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 432-8897
Type: frozen yogurt / dessert

So right after Hashigo, we go to this frozen yogurt shop called Yotopia. We went to Yogurtland a few days before, so we'd see how this place stacked up. Sorry to say it Yotopia, but you got your work cut out for you. When you walk in, the place seemed a little dimmer than Pinkberry's and Yogurtland, and it seemed like they tried to design the place to be similar to those places. They fell a little short on that. Even I noticed and my eyes suck. But you can't judge on looks alone.

The yogurt choices they have weren't that great. If you think 3 different types of flavors is enough variety, this place might be cool for you. All of them were tart flavors. We got the green tea just to try something different. I think the other choices weren't that great, so we didn't feel like we were losing anything.

On to the toppings. "Are there any mochi balls?" "No. Sorry." Damn. My favorite yogurt topping. Non-existent. Eff it. Just give me Cap N' Crunch and some Oreos and let me get outta here (I didn't actually say that). The total was maybe $3 or $4 something. No cash on either of us, so I whip out the card. "Oh, sorry. There's a $5 min charge for credit/debit cards." Aye-yay-yay. "Alright gimme some blueberries." The total came to $5.12.

I don't know. The taste was whatevers to me. I need the mochi balls man. Without it, it's just some sour dessert. Sorry for the bad picture. I just wanted to take it and get it over with.

there's no hope with Yotop(ia)

So I'm not going there again if I have a choice. It's probably not bad for some people. I guess Yogurtland just spoiled me. The guy that helped us with our order was cool, so the service wasn't bad. It's just a sad fact that there's a place superior to it in almost every aspect. Their only advantage I would say is that they're located not near any Yogurtland or Pinkberry. Sorry Yotopia. I wish you well.

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