Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Breakfast Club - Mammoth Lakes

Breakfast Club
2987 Main St
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546
760) 934-6944
Type: Coffee shop / restaurant

I wasn't ready to go home from this short vacation but we had to check out of the condo on Sunday morning. We woke up pretty early thinking we were gonna beat the rush. Well, we did wake up early and we would've beat the rush if the main highway to Southern Cali wasn't closed! We couldn't see $#!+!!! It was the same white-out conditions we had at the ski resort the day before. So we had to find a place to hang out for a bit and kill some time. The Breakfast Club was the first place we saw. It's in the same plaza as the Shell gas station on Main St.

Luckily, we found good parking right in front of the door. I think it was a handicap spot but there was no sign and if the spot was painted blue, you couldn't tell cuz it was covered in snow. The place was packed-- probably from stranded vacationers like us, and locals too. While we were waiting, I thought I saw a familiar face walk in. He was kind of rushing to the bathroom and he stumbled over somebody's foot. "Was that Tony Hawk?" I thought to myself. "I think that guy was Tony Hawk." Nobody else recognized him in the packed restaurant. Only true posers like me would know it was him. On his way out, we all looked at him, and sure enough, it was The Birdman himself. We didn't bother asking for his autograph or anything cuz he looked like he was in a rush, and it was a packed restaurant, and it might've started a commotion. You're welcome Mr. Hawk. My shoe size is 10.5 and I'll take any skateboard you got lying around.

So anyways, after waiting for maybe 5 minutes, we got our table and checked out their one page menu. We weren't that hungry cuz we ate breakfast before we checked out. I think they had the usual stuff similar to any Mom and Pop breakfast menu. Eggs, pancakes, steaks, yada, yada, and yada. My girl and I split a huevos rancheros $8.99. Her sister and brother just got a muffin or something. Although I ended up paying in the end, I didn't know they were just gonna get a muffin between them. I would've gladly paid even if they got a full meal each, with dessert, and juice. I mean c'mon, they paid for Alpenrose.

The huevos rancheros was decent. It was prepared differently from the Mexican way. If you know your huevos rancheros, you can see how it's different in the picture below. I don't remember there being rice. Just some huge tortilla under it. My girl's always reading my reviews, and she says I need to expand my vocabulary, specifically adjectives. Sorry honey. I'm sticking to the basics. This meal was not bad, but not super great. How's that?

So the meal wasn't that bad. I would certainly go here again if I don't have time to research other places. Just make sure you bring cash cuz you might end up having to use those dreaded ATM machines that know you're in a desperate situation, and their fees let you know they know.

BTW. The highway finally opened around noon time, so we were able to make it home the same day. Too bad.

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