Saturday, March 29, 2008

Terrace Pointe Cafe - Las Vegas

Terrace Pointe Cafe (at the Wynn)
3131 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 770-9966
Type: American dining / restaurant

Open 24 Hours/7 days a week

Took a Vegas trip for my birthday with my family and girl. There's pretty much one main reason why I like going to Vegas: the food. The gambling and all the other stuff is cool too, but Vegas is known for the top chefs they recruit from around the world. My dad got a free room at the Wynn for that weekend. The regular rooms were cool, but I was expecting more from them. I like the rooms at the Rio cuz I heard they're all suites and they're pretty big.

So we got to Vegas pretty late on Friday night. Even though it's Vegas, many of the stores and restuarants are closed by 12 midnight, so we had to find a place to eat that still had the stoves burning. We were all pretty tired and lazy from the drive there, so we found a place inside the Wynn itself. The place is called Terrace Pointe Cafe. It's open 24 hours. Even at 1 in the morning, we still had to wait a few minutes to get our table. The decor inside the place is I'm guessing French or Italian-themed. I have no idea. I just know there was a lot of detail put everywhere, there were high ceilings, big spaces, and it was nice.

From 10pm - 6am, they serve a limited menu. The prices aren't that cheap either. This ain't no Denny's for sure. I'm guessing this place would be 2 or 3 dollar signs at Citysearch. Then again, this is the Wynn. There's a Ferrari/Maserati dealership inside the hotel!

After deciding what we wanted, we ordered our food. Our waitress was cool, but the food took pretty damn long to arrive. We're patient people, so when we have to ask about the status of our meals, you know you done effed up.

So anyways, my dad didn't know what he wanted, so the waitress told him to get the pasta penne ($14). This came in a bowl with some large shrimps and pesto sauce. It was really good. So good, the next day we ordered the same dish.

pasta penne in pesto sauce with shrimps

Once I saw my menu item, I knew I was ordering it. I got the teriyaki glazed Scottish salmon at a whopping $23! I didn't know what to expect. Even though it's the Wynn, it's a 24 hour joint. How good can it be? ...pretty damn good! It's a very close second to the salmon I got at Alpenrose in Mammoth Lakes. Now I know why they took so long. You can't rush some great foods. The fish was cooked nicely, the teriyaki sauce was perfect. The rice was, rice. The veggies were a nice touch. I'd get that again if I won some money at the slot machine.

second to one teriyaki glazed Scottish Salmon

My girlfriend for some reason didn't eat much. All she wanted was the French onion soup ($9). This thing was so thick full of cheese. She liked it. It was all gooey and everything. It was good she said. I don't know what French onion soup is really supposed to taste like, but that was pretty good. I myself wouldn't really get that if I had the choice though.

cheesy French onion soup

I didn't get a picture of the N.Y. Steak ($30) my mom ordered. I also didn't taste it. She said it was good, so it must have been okay. I think she knows steak pretty well so she got some credibility.

If it's late, late night, and you're looking for some fine dining, Terrace Pointe Cafe may be the right spot for you. The quality of all the food we got was very good. Even if it's not late night, this may still be a good place to eat. I personally would only want to go here at night cuz there's so much more out there in the day time. For some of us, it might be helpful to get lucky at the craps table right before you go so you can eat whatever your heart desires. Good luck!

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