Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mosun (Club M) - Laguna Beach

Mosun / Club M
680 S Pacific Coast Hwy
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Phone: (949) 497-5646
Type: Japanese food / sushi / restaurant / club

This particular night was kind of my last night for a while in the land of Botox and Breast augmentations (I saw a lot of ads in the local papers). So I wanted to eat something pretty darn good. We researched some possible spots for some good sushi-- preferably with a happy hour or specials. The two we decided between was Mosun in Laguna Beach, and Mahe in Sunset Beach (or Seal Beach). Mosun had a deal where on Wednesdays O.C. locals get 50% off all menu items. Mahe on the other hand has something on Wednesdays where it's all you can eat for $25. Hmmm... Those are some pretty damn good deals. I think Mosun was closer, so we decided on that.

Mosun is on PCH, and it's very easy to miss if you don't know what it looks like. It looks just like a regular place with no fancy decorations outside. Parking is a mother too. They don't have their own parking lot that I know of. Make sure you come kind of early if you don't wanna search for a spot.

Inside is like a night club/lounge. It's dark with nice decorations. They had some house-type clubbing music playing. We got seated quickly. The place isn't that intimate cuz there's a lot of people and there's a bar where a lot of people just hang out.

The prices of the items aren't cheap, but it's not that expensive for a sushi place either. I would've probably gone to a place like this even without the deal, but the half off thing really helps. By the way, you O.C. locals gotta show your driver's license to get the deal-- and the person paying is the only one that has to be from O.C.

Note: The prices I mention here are before the 50% discount.

So we started with some appetizers. The crispy lobster wonton ($11.75) sounded good. When it came, it looked nice, but the taste was whatevers. Only 5 pieces?! When something is $12 and it comes with only 5 pieces, it better be pretty bomb. Not this one. It was just okay.

crispy lobster wonton for about $2.40 each.

Next up was the Albacore Special with crispy onions and ponzu sauce ($12.50). In my relatively short endeavor into the sushi/rolls world, I've become a little wary of ponzu sauce. I don't like the tanginess. This one was a breath of fresh air. I was expecting the sauce to make my taste buds cringe once it touched my tongue, but they became instant friends. I would definitely order that again.

Albacore Special with (thank god) not too tangy ponzu sauce

For the neutralizers, we got the salmon sashimi ($9) and the yellowtail sashimi ($10). Bomb. The taste was fresh and the pieces were thinly sliced.

salmon & yellowtail sashimi

Hand rolls (HR) are a beautiful thing (when they taste good) cuz you're not stuck with 6-8 pieces of a roll. If it doesn't taste good, oh well, it was only a few bucks. To me, they're like samplers. If you like them and you're still hungry, get the cut roll version, or another hand roll. We decided to try the Crunchy HR($4), Spicy Scallop HR ($5), and Soft Shell Crab HR ($6). Those are relatively expensive for hand rolls, but not in actuality on Wednesdays! All of them were good. No complaints about any of em. They were good enough that we ordered two more. I think it was the... I forgot.

Crunchy HR, Spicy Scallop HR, and Soft Shell Crab HR

Then came our special cut rolls. First thing was the Kamikaze Roll ($11.75). It has crab meat and spicy tuna topped with seared salmon and limes. *sigh* I was hoping it was gonna be good, but I wasn't feeling it at all. My first bite, I ate it with the lime (even the skin) and I knew we made a mistake in ordering it. It reminded me of Mexican food. I love Mexican food, but this thing just wasn't right. There was too much rice and stuff, and I just wasn't having it. We barely finished it.

Kamikaze Roll. I'll pass next time.

Last up was the Hurricane Roll ($11.75). It was good. It had some raw salmon on top with crunchy flakes and some sweet sauce.

Hurricane Roll. cool

I think the best thing that night was the Albacore Special. Mostly everything was good. There's other things I wanna try next time. I would definitely come back here-- on a Wednesday. The service was cool. Best part: Total bill $103.65; bill after discount: $51.81. Cha-ching!!!


Anonymous said...

i've been to mosun multiple times, and i've never had any issues with anyone not being a local. they never ask for id and they never care whether you're from the oc.

Jim said...

Oh. I guess maybe cuz we asked them about the special that she asked for our I.D. Either way, I still wouldn't go here myself if I didn't have an O.C. resident with me.