Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Taquisa - West Covina

1001 E. Amar Rd.
West Covina, CA 91792
Type: Mexican food

I went to Taquisa because it just opened up near my house. It's about 5 minutes walking distance but my lazy ass drove. Taquisa is a Mexican food place. The inside is about as bare you can get in terms of design. There's maybe a painting or a few pictures up on the walls excluding their menu. My girlfriend and I didn't order much from there cuz we were gonna go eat somewhere else in a couple hours. We just wanted something to snack on.

they also serve juice here

As a semi-vegetarian, I couldn't find many things on the menu for me. There's fish tacos (which are $0.99 on Tuesdays-- I believe), cheese enchiladas, huevos rancheros, and possibly a veggie burrito. We ended up ordering a fish taco and a cheese quesadilla. I don't remember what each cost, but the total was $5.56; the bulk of the price belonging to the quesadilla. Prices aren't that bad here. Nothing special though.

The cheese quesadilla was a good size. As you can see, they weren't sheisty with the guacamole. They also put some pico de gallo or some kind of salsa on top. It was also sprinkled with a few tortilla chips. The taste was okay. Like the prices, nothing special. Not horrible, but not great. I probably wouldn't get that again if I came here.

looks like Perez Hilton tampered with my food

The fish taco also came with more than enough guacamole. Chips and salsa were on the side. I remember commenting that they tasted different from most of the fish tacos I've tasted. It wasn't that bad. Remember, they have a special for dollar fish tacos on Tuesday. Call them to make sure-- if that's why you wanna eat there.

fish taco

Taquisa will likely get my business again just for proximity's sake. It's so close that I'll eventually go there some time. There's another Mexican restaurant in the same plaza called Osuna's (not to be confused with the Osuna's in Walnut which is far superior IMO). I've been there a couple times, and I just don't wanna go there again. I only tried their cheese enchiladas, so that's where my judgement is coming from. So Taquisa, if you stay open for business for a while, you'll see me again. Lucky mothers.

***Updated 5/18/08
I went here again and ordered a fish burrito ($4.95?) and a cheese quesadilla. I'm not ordering the quesadilla again, but the fish burrito was a sort of pleasant surprise. It was pretty damn big. The taste was cool, but the size was the big plus here. I'll definitely get the fish burrito again. I don't know if that's how their other burritos are though.

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