Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Curry House - Irvine

Curry House
14407 Culver Dr
Irvine, CA 92604
(949) 654-1449
Type: Japanese curry / restaurant

Stillll in the OC... Man I'm getting tired of writing about this place. Just kidding. I like it here. Irvine has a lot of food places-- that is, until 10pm. Then you gotta either know your stuff, or do some research. Is there some kind of zoning law that makes most restaurants close at a certain time, or does everybody in Orange County just sleep freakin early?

So I got this gift card again. This time, it's for the Curry House restaurants. They have a few branches around Southern Cali. The first one I went to was in Torrance. They have one near my area in Rowland Heights. I can't really say what stores the one in Irvine is near. I forgot. I know there was a Wendy's across the street. For some reason, I still can't find my way around Irvine. I think it's because all the streets and plazas look the same. I'm a guy, so I use landmarks for directions.

We got to the Curry House kind of late, but there were still some people in there, so we didn't feel rushed. It's been a while since I've been here, and that was when I didn't even eat seafood. I was vegan for a few months, then I slowly started back-sliding back to other foods. I remember I ate the vegetarian spaghetti my first time there. I don't remember if I liked it. I think it was okay. This time I wanted something with shrimp at least. I decided on the deluxe shrimp plate ($10.65). It came 3 breaded shrimps, and rice pilaf wrapped in egg, with the signature curry sauce on the side. On a side note, I forgot to mention that Curry House is owned by House Foods America Corp. They make household foods you can buy at Asian supermarkets like tofu and of course, curry. I used to eat the curry so much til I got tired of it. I guess eating it at a restaurant is different. So yeah. The shrimp plate... It was good. The sauce was real good. I wish they put more. I don't think I got full off of it though. I mean 3 shrimps? ...please. But it's something I wouldn't mind getting again.

shrimp deluxe was cool

I forgot about the calamari and shrimp($8.50) we ordered for an appetizer. The calamari was okay. The batter came off really easily. I had to eat the batter separately from the actual squid. The fried shrimp was good. The amount they gave was just right. The sauce it came with made everything just taste better. I forgot what it was though. My notes aren't helping me much.

shrimp and calamari with yummy sauce

My girlfriend didn't know what to order so she asked for a suggestion from our waitress. She suggested the seafood tofu fetuccini ($10+). Oh man. Has she actually tasted it? That thing was pretty bland. Blah! Salt couldn't even save it. It looks 30 times better than it tasted. My poor baby's always trying new stuff and gets stuck with the wack grub, while I'm there chowing down on some fried shrimp and curry sauce-covered rice pilaf. Of course I offered to split my dish with her, but she wanted me to enjoy my meal. Thanks honey. She didn't finish hers, and I'm not sure if she ended up finishing it at all. Did you?

10 dollars of blandness

What's the verdict? The calamari was good. My food was good. The seafood pasta sucked. Service was good. They were very nice there. Maybe the pasta sucked just that one time. Oh well. No matter. I'm going here again for sure. A place doesn't need to be that great for me to go to if I have another gift card in hand. Thanks Mommy!


Mimi said...

nope i didn't finish it. it was that bad.
i thought girls used landmarks for directions?

France said...

This is one of our favorite restaurants! The first one we've been to was the one in Little Tokyo but I have no idea if its still there. I recommend the Chilli Shrimp & Spinach Spaghetti =)