Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Jeun Tong Tofu House, West Covina

Jeun Tong Tofu House
2560 E. Amar Rd.
West Covina, CA 91792
(626) 581-3848
Type: Korean food / tofu soup

(Jim) All tofu houses are pretty much the same. The thing that mainly differentiates themselves from each other are the sides (known as banchan) they serve. This tofu house serves the best sides out of all the tofu places I've been to. They give you the vegetable pancake which is my favorite and a bunch of other sides.

Another reason why I love this place is because it's the closest one to me. It's only about 2 or 3 miles from my house. For those of you familiar with the West Covina area, it's located in the same plaza as Salo-Salo, Manila Sunset, and Ami Sushi. The service here is good. One of the best things about it is it's one of the cheapest tofu houses I've been to. A bowl of tofu costs about $7.99. That would make it hands down the best tofu house for me. Let me know if you think another place can beat this one.

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Anonymous said...

I too love this place! The Korean pancake is amazing!! Thanks for posting this.