Monday, July 23, 2007

Tofu Village, Garden Grove

Tofu Village
8516 Garden Grove Blvd
Garden Grove, CA 92844
Phone: (714) 534-7510
Type: Korean food / tofu soup

(mi) I am in no way a food critic, but i like to eat. A lot. That said, i'd like to introduce to you a favorite dish of mine. It's called Soon Tofu, which is hot boiling silky smooth tofu that's served in a hot pot. Having tried plenty of restaurants that specialize in this dish, i've finally discovered Tofu Village. What's sets this place apart from other? Well, the service is impeccable and the decor is painted with warm colors and art adorns the walls. Don't let the outside of the restaurant fool you. The second you sit down, you are served water along with hot tea. Soon to follow are the many colorful small appetizers. Here, meals are accompanied by at least ten mini dishes which include a variety of kim chi, fish, noodles, and vegetables among other tasty plates. And don't be shy about asking for seconds.
Now to the main dish. There are many choices to choose from when selecting soon tofu. There's a seafood combination, beef, pork, mushroom, and more. I ordered soybean which is a mixture of mushroom, beef, and clams. YUM! You also get the choice of how much spice you want: none, mild, spicy and spicy spicy. Personally, i like spicy. There's also three types of rice flavors, but they're more like colors: white, black, and green. Can't go wrong with either one. When the bubbling hot pot arrives at your table, you have the option of cracking an egg into the soup. Do it! Now sit back and enjoy your meal knowing that all this delicious food will not create a huge dent to your wallet. This meal, which will fill you up without having that yucky greasy food coma feeling afterwards, will cost you less than ten dollars. Oh, and an added bonus, you get soft served ice cream for free!!!!!!

Seafood Soon Tofu

Soybean Soon Tofu

Why are you still reading this? Go try it!

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