Saturday, May 31, 2008

Akasaka - Walnut

505 Grand Ave
Walnut, CA 91789-2144
Phone: (909) 598-8816
Type: Japanese food / sushi

Local Sushi Hopping: Part 2 (click here for Part 1)

After some good rolls and a little less decent sushi at Denno, my girl and I went straight down Grand Ave. to Walnut where another sushi restaurant was situated. Originally, we wanted to try Jubei and see if it would redeem itself from our last visit, but they were closed. So Akasaka it was...

My girl loves the stuffed tomato sushi that some chefs prepare. It's usually raw scallops with some crab meat and sauce wrapped around with raw tuna or salmon. What do you know? Akasaka had stuffed tomatoes on their menu for a $15 dent on your bank account. This one was wrapped with salmon. I don't know how much most sushi places charge for their stuffed tomatoes, but that's a grip for 2 small pieces. I'm complaining about it mostly because it was the worst stuffed tomato I've had ever. It was super plain. There was no crab meat to give it some flavor. The salmon was kind of lacking in taste. The only way I'll get that again is if they charge $5 at the most for both pieces.

the worst (blandest) stuffed tomato we've had

Salmon being my favorite sushi, we ordered the 5 piece salmon sashimi ($8.95). At first I thought it was cool, but after a while it kind of just tasted like water. It was the same story as the stuffed tomato.

water sashimi

We decided to cut our losses and keep the money we had left. I don't know if it was an off day for Akasucky, but I've heard some bad reviews about this place from family and friends. Regardless, you gotta be consistent with that stuff or it'll make people like me never want to come here again. I never want to come here again.

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