Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hwang Jae Korean BBQ/Denno Sushi - Diamond Bar

Hwang Jae Korean BBQ/Denno Sushi
22640 Golden Springs Rd
Diamond Bar, CA 91765
Phone: (909) 861-9030
Type: Korean food / Japanese food / sushi

Local Sushi Hopping Part 1:

My girlfriend and I wanted to eat at some Guyanese place in La Verne. Unluckily for us, it was closed for a few hours in between lunch and dinner. The next thing we decided to eat was sushi, but didn't know where to go. Lately, when that happens, we just decide to do some restaurant hopping. We'll order a little from this place, then head over to the next and order a little from there. The purpose is to have a little bit of different tastes that we're craving. This restaurant hopping journey though, consists of two different restaurants, but one type of food: Japanese.

After another half hour of deciding where to eat, we decided our first place should be Denno Sushi in Diamond Bar. I've been there 2 or 3 times already, so I knew what I was getting into. My girlfriend hadn't tried it yet. Denno is off the Grand Ave. exit on the 60 freeway. Go south one block and make a left at Golden Springs and it's on your right-hand side. The place is always empty every time I've been there-- especially on Sundays. The whole restaurant is actually 2 in 1. You got one room that's for sushi (Denno), and you have another section that's for Korean BBQ (Hwang Jae). I believe the place is Korean-run. It's a pretty nice place and I hate seeing these places empty. Was it empty for a reason? We'll see....

empty on Sundays-- usually. but nice inside. don't you think?

free miso soup (only one)

The prices here are okay. They have a good selection of special rolls at decent prices. Since we weren't planning to get full here, we had to be very selective on what we ordered. First up was the sushi. We got salmon ($3.50) and yellowtail ($3.95). The salmon was good. Not fishy. The yellowtail was okay as well. I don't think I'll ever be a good describer of tastes, so give up on me now. My girlfriend wasn't a fan of the sushi that much though.

good salmon. okay yellowtail. horrible reviewer.

Next up, we had the Denno Roll ($8.95). This one is topped with scallops with crab inside and what looks like the sweet eel sauce and masago (little eggs). It was good with a good amount of cream sauce and not a lot of rice.

we had to get the name-of-the-restaurant-roll

I think my friend sent us an email about baby lobsters or something and how you shouldn't eat them because of bacteria. Next up, we get the Lobster Volcano roll ($9.95). If a lobster roll is 10 bucks, I'm usually ordering it. This roll has the same story as the Denno roll. Lots of cream sauce and little rice. Verdict: good.

don't listen to emails and get the lobster roll

I've already given away that I'll go here again. After this meal, I'll still go here again. Probably the best time to hit this place up is Sundays when other sushi places might be closed in those in-between hours. They have a good selection of rolls. I forgot to mention that the service was good, but probably cuz we were the only ones in there. For future reference, when I don't have a need to mention how the service was, take it that there wasn't anything wrong with it. On to Akasaka!

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