Saturday, April 26, 2008

Taco Factory - Walnut

Taco Factory
368 N Lemon Ave
Walnut, CA 91789
(909) 595-8331
Type: Mexican food / restaurant

I went here with my girl to eat a quick bite. We thought we were gonna eat somewhere else for a full meal later, but we didn't. I should've ordered more here. Anyways, Taco Factory in Walnut used to be located somewhere else-- but in the same plaza. Now it's a lot bigger and nicer than the old spot. It's located on the corner of La Puente and Lemon in the same plaza as Vons and Blockbuster.

bigger and nicer than before

All we got was one mahi mahi burrito ($5.73). It comes unwrapped so you can put your sauces and stuff in there from the salsa bar. Then you ask them to wrap it for you when you're all done. The burrito was decent sized, although I don't think it was humongous. I shoulda put my hand next to it in the picture for a comparison. Anyways, the burrito was good. Fresh-tasting.

boring picture of a burrito

I would go here again another time. It's just that there's so many Mexican restaurants around, I have to be in the area to come back here. The spot for me right now is still Osuna's with their lobster burritos.

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