Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bayside at the Mandalay Bay - Las Vegas, NV

Bayside - Mandalay Bay
3950 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(877) 632-7800
Type: buffet / American food

Freakin lazy man! I got a backlog of about 25 restaurants I still have to review and it's hard to get myself to do one a week! It's not like I'm a super busy guy either. Alright. Time to man up and do this. I'll make these quick cuz I wanna mention some restauraunts that I've been wanting to put up.

So I was still in Vegas and it was getting late again. After Sumo Sushi, standards are pretty damn high. I wanted to go to the Green Valley Ranch Buffet in Henderson, but we called and they said they charge for crab legs. What the hell is that? I think we called the wrong place cuz I told my friends who recommended it, and they're like, "What the eff? Nah. Wrong place." Supposedly that place got the bombest crab legs. We were kind of at the south end of the strip, so we called Mandalay Bay to see if they had a buffet with crab legs. They did, so we went. No shopping around that time cuz things were closing and we were hungry.

The place was inside next to the casino. Since it was a holiday that weekend, the price per head was $26.99. I got two, but they don't count the one down below (the bigger one). haha. Now that I said that you know it ain't big. So anyways, I'm not gonna build any suspense and I'm just gonna say this place was wack for me. If you're vegetarian or you just eat seafood, forget this place. There's just not much you can get, and whatever you can get, ain't that great. My family thought it was okay, but not great.

some freakin rice, salmon, and a slice of meat. It's been a while and I don't know the name of meats anymore.

freakin white rice and some steak

freakin crab legs already cut in half

some freakin shrimp cocktail

custom made pasta. The pasta chef was on something or something. He just started talking to us about people stealing food, then he said he's seen a lot of things, then some other stuff, and more random stuff. We didn't know how to politely escape, so we stood there trying to listen to him for about 10 minutes. It was some Asian-looking guy. He wasn't that fat, but not fit. If you read this, and you know who you are.... WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU TALKING ABOUT????!!!!!!!

looks like this was mine. some corn (gotta have the corn for me), mac n cheese, some fish, and maybe there's fried oysters there. The fried oysters were alright. I think that thing in the back is fish.

broccoli and cheese soup?

dry ass steamed crab legs. maybe it was cuz it was late. ....but still

I've eaten here before and that's when I was pure vegetarian. This post is my reminder to myself not to eat here again. Give it for free and of course I'll go. When I say free, I don't mean that somebody else pays for it, cuz that's just a waste of gambling money. Comps, that cool.

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