Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Aki Sushi Bar & Baiplu Thai Restaurant, Long Beach

Aki Sushi Bar/Baiplu Thai Restaurant
1626 E 7th St
Long Beach, CA90813
(562) 436-3123
Type: Japanese food / Thai food / Sushi

(Jim) There's probably one thing I don't like about eating sushi... and that-- it's pretty expensive. Even at the cheapest sushi places you'll end up spending probably over $10 for your meal. Assuming that you order just rolls and sushi, $10-$15 worth probably won't get you full. And that's probably for the cheaper stuff. If you want the specialty rolls, those go for about $8-$12 each. So you have to kind of balance out the quality with the quantity (if you're on a budget).

And then I stumble upon Aki Sushi/Baiplu in Long Beach. What's interesting about this place is that it's a combination of a sushi bar and a thai restaurant. You can order Japanese food and/or Thai food. I love that concept because you can still order the special rolls and you know you'll be full because you can order just one dish from the thai menu to keep your stomach happy.

When I went, we ordered:
Hula Hula roll
Baked Lobster roll
Volcano Roll
crab fried rice

The rolls we ordered were pretty good except I wouldn't order the baked lobster roll again. It's a little sweet or something, and I didn't reallly taste the lobster. The total bill came out to about $30 something plus tip. The service was great and they were very friendly. I would definitely go here again.

Update: 12-5-07

I recently went here and found out that they have a happy hour on Sunday-Thursday at 3pm-5pm. I don't know if they change the items, but their bulletin board said the Popcorn Lobster roll, Albacore roll, Sweet Girl roll, and Rocky Roll are $5 per order. I'm gonna check it out soon.

The Baked Lobster Roll

crab fried rice and Hula Hula Roll

Volcano Roll

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