Saturday, February 7, 2009

Yuni Sushi

Yuni Sushi
1928 Lincoln Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 396-4037
Type: Japanese food / sushi

After Candle Cafe & Grill, we met up with a homie that moved out here from my area. We asked him what was a good sushi spot nearby and he mentioned a cheap place he likes to go to called Yuni. It's a few blocks from the beach. I read it's a Korean-owned spot. Many don't like that idea and they just "know" it's not gonna be good. I personally don't care who owns and runs a restaurant. As long as they offer what I'm hankering for at the moment -- whether it's quality, price, quantity, exoticness, coolness, awesomeness, or a mix of those -- it's all good.

To save us all time, this place is decent. If I lived close by it might be worth returning to every now and then. Some of the prices for certain things are relatively appealing.

The salmon sashimi ($6.55) and yellowtail sashimi ($6.95) at 6 pieces each were a good deal. They were a little warm but they tasted good.

The dynamite appetizer ($7.75) was cool. I guess it was so cool that I forgot to take a picture of the dish til after a few bites.

whoops. still looks good though.

The baked spicy lobster roll ($11.20) and the super spider roll ($9.60) were eaten without any notes left about them. This looks good too.

I have no idea which hand rolls were which but I remember they gave us a shrimp tempura hand roll by accident and let us have it. YES!!!! One of those is the spicy scallop hand roll ($3.65).

freebie in the heezy

Damn, we ordered a grip of food! The last one looks like the rainbow hand roll ($4.95).

Between two people, that's a lot of food. I think I was barely able to finish everything. Maybe I took some home. Not sure. In my notes I put down everything was good. The Yelpers gave this place mixed reviews. Some gave it 5 stars while a few gave it 1 or 2. If you ain't a sushi snob, your chances of coming away happy with this place is good. If you are, eat here, and hopefully you don't enjoy your meal! You deserve it. Just kidding.


Khembottra said...

Looks good.

mimi said...

this place gave me a tummy ache. never again.