Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Koji's - Hollywood / Los Angeles

6801 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 871-0200
Type: Japanese / sushi / shabu shabu

I think we went to Koji's the same day we went to Galanga. We didn't eat much here. We didn't even plan on coming here. We were just hanging out at Hollywood and Highland to kill time. That same day, they were having a big premier for Iron Man (part one. yes this is very old). Anyways, we saw Robert Downey Jr. but from far away. We were actually on the 3rd floor or something at the Highland Center. That's the same floor where Koji's is at, and also the Highlands club.

can you spot Robert Downey Jr? Look hard.

just kidding. he's not in the picture!

So after getting a taste of the tourist-y stuff, we went inside Koji's and sat at the bar. Whaddaya know? It's Happy Hour!

Happy Hour is from 5-8pm Mon. - Fri.
-$3 draft beers
-$6 crunch rolls
-$9 sake
-$3 california rolls

Guess what. That's all we ordered from there. Hey, gas costs a lot to drive all the way to Hollywood. Don't judge. Anyways, I'll make it quick. The crunch rolls were cool. The california roll was a california roll. The beers were beers. The sake was sake. I don't mean to take away from what this restaurant really offers. I still don't know. I know their main thing from the looks of the place is they have shabu shabu where you cook your own food at your table. I think they have a few special rolls up their sleeves. The place is pretty big and a lot of people go there, so I don't really know.

Look at their menu if you really want to know.

crunch roll

cali roll

some sake

I guess if you want the chance to see some stars, this might be the place to be. Afterall, we saw Robert Downey Jr. who's a pretty big star IMO. The highlight of the night came as a surprise. We were sitting at the bar area looking out of the window for a while. After some drinks, I started noticing women walking by. These women were special. They weren't wearing much. And whatever it is they were wearing, was maybe a size or two too tight. They kept passing by. They were walking with guido-like dudes and men in suits (bodyguards?). I see camera flashes going off to the side. What's going on? Then I see a face that solved the whole equation:

scantily clad women + guidos + bodyguards + n = x
if n= Ron Jeremy
then x = porno event/convention!

Ron Jeremy as some of you may know is a well-known porn star back in the day. I don't know if he still "performs" for the camera. Anyways, he came by with a little posse, and he came in the restaurant and schmoozed with some people. Then he went to the bathroom where my girlfriend waited outside to get a picture with him. Great night. The End.

....oh yeah Koji's is cool. I'd possibly go back for the Happy Hour. Maybe for another "event."

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