Friday, June 27, 2008

Wasa - Newport Beach

1346 Bison Ave
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 760-1511
Type: Japanese food / sushi / dining

Every time I drive to my girlfriend's house out in Newport Coast, I pass by this place. I always look at it while driving. Eventually, I couldn't stand just looking at it. I wanted in. So my dining partner-in-crime (girlfriend) and I went here on a weekday night I believe. There was a few minutes' wait, but who cares. I'm trying this place dammit.

Inside, the place is pretty damn small. This isn't a very intimate place to eat as there's probably only 3-5 booths. The rest, you're sitting next to other customers so you can easily peep out what their fat asses got and they can see what your lard ass got. Okay, maybe not the best term for a sushi place, but we always order a lot, unless we're restaurant hopping.

Being in Newport Beach, I was afraid to look at the menu for one reason. The prices. I mean, this is the land of Benzs and Bimmers and Botox and mansions and millionaires. The average person here probably makes more in one day than I do in a month. Seriously. Sadly. But the menu took off a few weights off my chest. The prices-- they weren't that bad. They weren't cheap or a great deal that I recognized, but not bad. This place is also Zagat Rated. There's a small army of 4 sushi chefs working for that room.

Even though the prices as I explained weren't that bad, this wasn't a special occassion (actually it was, cuz I was with my girl. 2 points), so we still had to be a little choosy with what we ordered. This is what we came up with:

The baked dynamite appetizer ($8.95?) was small but good. I didn't put any descriptions on it under my notes, but I think it was.

baked dynamite

We got the Garlic Ponzu Treasure ($9.95). It came with 3pcs of salmon, yellowtail, and toro (fatty tuna). All 3 were seared. There was a little wasabi in it which I usually hate, but this wasn't as strong. I'd get this one again.

Garlic Ponzu Treasure me matey!!!! yarr!!!!!

We usually throw some hand rolls in the mix. Newport Roll ($4.50) and Spicy Scallop Roll ($4.25). Both were good but the scallop was a little better. I don't remember what was in the Newport Roll, but don't be scared about ordering it.

Newport Roll and Scallop Roll did their thangs.

I've been having some bad experience with "nice" places and lobster rolls. Like the time we went to Zipangu and ordered their most expensive roll the Maine Crunch Roll. Wackness. The lobster roll ($15.95) here.... no thanks. Plain as a Boeing 747 but it wasn't fly. Get it?!

strike two for "nice place's" lobster rolls

Last up, the Ninja/Spider Roll ($9.95). It was 6 pieces of "had it before and wouldn't get again." It pretty much tasted like any other spider roll that wasn't super great for me. Actually, come to think of it, I rarely get any spider rolls that are super bomb.... note to self.

soft shell crab (spider) roll. just a filler.

So 3 of the 5 orders were good. I'd still go back some time-- possibly. Just probably no more cut rolls unless they're used as fillers to get me full. There's too many damn sushi places around that this is not a place I would get attached to. My girlfriend still prefers Sankai which is like 4 miles further down the freeway. So do I.

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