Saturday, January 31, 2009

Recession All-Stars

Besides the news, I've been hearing a few stories from people I personally know who have been affected by the so-called recession. I don't know how to fix it, so all I can do is try to come up with a list of restaurants (besides the usual fast food joints) that might help you save a little more. Skip that, just don't eat out! ......Never!!!!

The list is not gonna be too organized or even complete. Here's just a few categorized by cuisine:

Maxim (Rowland Heights)
Chopchop Grill (Walnut)
Coffee Break (Walnut)
JJ's Cafe (Monterey Park)
Happy Wok (Rowland Heights)

Hole Mole (Long Beach, Whittier)
Molca Salsa (La Habra, Fullerton)
Senor Baja

3.99 Pizza Co. (West Covina)


Banana Bay (Rowland Heights)

Pho Express (Walnut)
Lee's Sandwiches
Nha Hang $1.99 (Garden Grove)

This list will be added to as much as I can (or feel like). Don't hesitate to add your own recommendations. Oh. Don't forget about Happy Hours. Those may just be the best times to eat.


France said...

Hey you left out Happy Wok!! Anywhos. . .I fixed the link, thanks for letting me know!

inland empire restaurant and food reviews said...

Great site!! Im glad I found you. You really get around to all the restaurants!!