Saturday, December 6, 2008

Buffalo Wild Wings - Rancho Cucamonga

Buffalo Wild Wings
8188 Day Creek Blvd # 140
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739
(909) 899-9832
Type: wings / American / sports bar

I don't really know what I wanna say about this place. For one thing, I'm just not a big wings/sports bar kind of guy. The other reason is I didn't jot down any notes about the place (again). So let's see....

Buffalo Wild Wings started popping up maybe a year ago or more in the Inland Empire, and I think they have one in Palmdale. This place is a Hooters competitor minus the hot girls in orange. It's not exactly where you would go for a romantic night out unless that's what you and your date are into. It's loud, there's drunk fools watching sports, tv's everywhere you turn, and fried food. A yuppie's nightmare. Unless you're a cool yuppie, that is. (??????????)

Man, I really don't remember too much about this place. I didn't drink that much I think. We went here for my homey's birthday. Went to the bar, drank, sat down at a table, drank, ordered food, drank, ate mediocre food, drank, threw up, got in a fight, blacked out, woke up, couldn't find my pants, some girl asked for her money, I didn't have any, I ran out, then drove home. Most of that didn't happen. I didn't even throw up. I'm just compensating for not having any material for you guys. Apologies.

Now on to the food-- with little to no commentary/memory:

Sampler ($10.99). I see onion rings, cheese sticks, nachos?, and saucey stuff in the back.

I ordered the shrimp basket ($7.99). When I was a kid, I thought fried shrimp/popcorn shrimp would be bomb. Overrated. I've never had any that was super bomb. This was no exception. There was some sauce but I forgot what. Remind me not to order fried shrimp/popcorn shrimp again.

hopefully my last order of popcorn shrimp

You go here for the drinks, and also the wings. I didn't eat any and I have no idea if my friends liked it. I know you can pick your sauce and maybe how hot you want it. Ummm, yeah.

6 piece chicken tenders

For me, I'm not into these kinds of places. That's because I don't eat chicken wings for the most part. If you do on the other hand, you might wanna hit this place up. I can't say it'll be bomb but some of my friends like coming here once in a while. They're wack though. Just kidding. If you want credible opinions on this place, hit up Yelp. And don't come back to this blog again!


mothermayi said...

lol. funny post. first time i ever saw nachos as part of a sampler. nice.

how were the prices for the wings? are they per wing, or what?

Jim said...

I really don't remember what the prices were. I looked at their website and they break it down like this: 6, 12, 18, 24, and 50 for the regular wings and they also have boneless wings.

shabby said...

hey, i'm moving to the west covina/walnut area...

do you recommend any restaurants in the area???? :)

shabby said...

hi, i'm moving to west covina/walnut and I was wondering if you could recommend a place or some good places to eat ?? :)

any type of cuisine is good, as long as its good :)


Jim said...

Hi shabby. Welcome to the neighborhood! Anyways, West Covina/Walnut isn't really the greatest for bomb food. I looked at my blog and here are my recommendations:

-Tofu House (for Korean tofu soup) in West Covina
-Taco Factory in Walnut
-Senor Baja (for fish tacos) in West
-Banana Bay (for Thai) in Rowland Heights
-Osuna's (good lobster burrito) in Walnut
-Chop Chop Grill in Walnut
-Delhi Palace (for Indian food) in La Puente
-One World (vegetarian restaurant) in West Covina
-Boca Del Rio (carne asada burritos)in La Puente

that's all I can think of for now. I hope those turn out to be good recommendations for you, but everybody has different tastes. Good luck and hope to see some food reviews from you!

shabby said...


I think I'll like some of your recommendations, since I've been to Banana Bay!

YAY the bay! Wow there's a vegetarian restaurant. THANKS! I'll definitely try these restaurants. :)

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