Tuesday, September 30, 2008

California Crisp - Pasadena

California Crisp
300 E Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91101
(626) 396-9992
Type: sandwiches / salads / pasta

Spent a little time in Pasadena a while back (in March to be exact). When I think of Pasadena, or any other city I think about, I wonder how their food culture is. Pasadena seems like a decent town for eats. So what do I do? I settle for the mall and find something there to quiet my stomach. Me being me, I at least made an attempt to skip the places I got at home (Subway and other places found everywhere). The mall is called Paseo Colorado and we end up on the second floor across the way from the movie theaters and a sushi restaurant to some spot in the corner called California Crisp.

This place didn't have exactly what I was craving for, but this particular meal was meant as a snack so we could save our appetites for something better at night. This place had sandwiches, salads, pastas, and I forgot what else. It's a healthier food place that I'm guessing caters to the yuppier crowds in Yuppiedena. Since it's a healthy spot, you know you gotta pay a little extra for those fresh ingredients. The well-to-do can afford to stay healthy, while I and many many others have to settle for heart disease, high cholesterol, and carpooling.

There was a good amount of people inside cuz I think it was lunch time for the working bunch. I remember I had a little trouble deciding what to get. Not much seemed that appetizing to me. I settled for the half veggie sandwich with one side ($6.59). I picked the pesto pasta for the side. The sandwich was cool. I don't remember much. I just know that their ingredients were fresh. Their pastas are served cold.

yuppie snack

My girl ordered the grilled chicken breast panini and 1 side ($7.29). She said it was okay as well. I don't know where the picture is but there's nothing special about it.

This place is just okay for us. I mean if you're on the healthy tip and lived in the neighborhood, you'd probably frequent this place if you could afford it-- and you're a yuppie. Just playing. I won't go here again cuz it's just not my style. It's not nasty though. So if you need to shed some pounds, this might be a good place to start. Fatty.

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